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Scott Saunders // Freelance Graphic Designer


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Let's face it...

In today's DIY world of blogs and You-Tube videos, anyone can be self-taught and buy the necessary tools they need to get the job done themselves. The same goes for the world of business and marketing. Need to manage your finances? Don't hire an accountant - buy some software like QuickBooks. Need to promote yourself? Just start postinging on Instagram or Facebook. Need to create a brochure or logo? Just buy Publisher or Adobe Illustrator, right? WRONG.

Anyone can purchase a set of dental tools. But that doesn’t mean that you want just anyone to give you a root canal. The software is just a tool. It is the individual using that tool that enable the results.

You need a freelance graphic designer who has the training, the creative talent, and the industry knowledge necessary to allow you to get the type of results you deserve. It’s award-winning graphic designers like myself that are full of the big ideas, the know-how, and creative juices.

Let the dentist fix that broken crown. Let your accountant find your tax breaks. Let me design your logo, your poster, your packaging, or your marketing brochure. That frees you up to do what you do best – focusing on your business, service, product, or event.

Scott takes great care to listen, understand and interpret what your brand needs. He specializes in meeting you where you are and taking the project where it needs to go. It’s rare to find someone who builds and grasps branding as well as Scott does.”
– Scott Morrell / Fusano Olive Company
Scott worked with us to create a great logo that really communicates what our product is all about…the difficult part of the process having to select just one from the many great designs he created. He clearly knows his stuff when it comes to creating a brand that pulls customers and he was very cost-effective and responsive to our needs.”
– Michael Cameron / Troissant LLC.
Scott is creative, inspiring and well organized. From brainstorming to rough draft and on to final product, you know what you’re getting and he consistently WOW’s. He’s got the package — ideas, artistic talent and organization — very hard to find these days.”
– Shane Williams / MacSuperstore
Scott provided a level of service I can’t imagine a larger company providing, yet his work is of better quality than many larger shops I’ve seen. I can say he exceeded my expectations in terms of talent, implementation, and service.”
- Steve Myers, CEO / MindTribe
“Scott is the guy I go to when I need it done right the first time. His experience and knowledge of the entire creative process, from conception to printing, is what sets him apart from the competition.”
– Scot Burns / Red Barn Marketing
Scott understands the process behind marketing a business. He started at the beginning and worked with us to identify our needs. He was able to take our information, through his processes, to create a brand that best defines who we are. Our clients and partners are constantly complimenting our new brand – and our increase in new business proves it!”
– Alex Monterio / Brazil Fiesta