It is that time of the year when we reach up high in garage, poke our head in the attic, or hunt through the basement to drag out the seasonal holiday decorations and nicknacks. In my house, that also includes the small gathering of Christmas videos, DVDs, and CDs.


I dusting off my music collection, I revisited one in particular that really struck my eye in its graphic design execution. I marveled at it’s simplicity and its concept. This would be the alternative-rock compilation album by the Christian label Tooth and Nail Records. The 2005 album is called “Happy Christmas: Vol. 4”, and features artists such as Copeland, Switchfoot, Hawk Nelson, and Anberlin.


What I love from a design point-of-view is the simple tan background, the title low in the front and more imporatantly, the foliage of the Christmas tree comprised of various mouths. The flat artwork leads the eye into thinking that you are viewing actually greenery, but a second-take reveals what the tree is really made up of. A nice creative solution for an album recorded by various artists.