Being the lead designer for Hume Lake Christian Camps, I have great opportunities for some fun and varying projects.


Recently, the Gift Shop has been completely re-envisioned and has been re-branded the Hume Supply Company.  The intent of this was to transform the old inventory and clientele of the Gift Shop into a store that could be compared to REI, but caters to the young adults and families who want natural products and ones that celebrate the great outdoors.  Products made of wood, leathers, and other natural materials.  Products that celebrate the good ‘ole days of camping and the forest surroundings.  Vintage aluminum camping mugs, high-quality hammocks, hand-made journals, or canteens.  Even old wood cutting board.


In creating a logo and brand to represent the Hume Supply Co., I wanted to focus on simple, wood-carved elements and carvings, and devise a branded illustration that could also be broken down to minimal elements depending on where the brand needed to be applied to its products.


The result was an image that can have multiple impressions, depending on how one view’s it.  The trees have strong upward-pointing arrows in them because of the brand’s mission to bring glory to God in all things.  The mountains in the image with their repeating down-sloping lines also visually suggest a tent as well as additional trees.


Rustic and crude, the brand helps support the mission of Hume as well as convey to the customer to continue to explore the Great Outdoors and support a good cause through the purchase of its products.