It has been a long time since a movement, an collaborative effort, or “packaged” pitch has not only caught my attention, but made me really take notice and so passionately want to spread the word about.


I am referring to a rather new Web site that has been launched called I Am Second. The purpose of the Web site and group behind it is to solely proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, but utilizing the video testimonies from a wide range of celebrities, all who have different stories to share about how they came to discover the truth of Jesus and accept Him as their savior. There is a few hours worth of material to watch if you so desire, all through 3 -5 minute snippets for which for each person you could watch further videos, read more about their testimonies, etc.


The video is of extremely high-quality both in cinemetography and editing. The Web site has a slick interface, loads fast, and is engaging and makes you want to prolong your visit.


But the best part is that it truly pitches the truths of the the Bible and a relationship with Jesus, but through a collection of life-stories, of various industries, of various races, of various backgrounds.


Whether you are a believer or not, a skeptic or a seeker, agnostic or atheist – this site is worth visiting. What do you have to lose?… but then again, that is the whole point.