Logo design for D.I.R.T. (Dudes In Rugged Terrain), an new ministry of Hume Lake Christian Camps.  First started in 2013, it just recently held its second annual event that brought together almost 400 men to the desert in Southern California.  This 3-day event utilizes 82,000 acres of terrain in Octillo Wells to bring men together as an outreach for the Gospel. Guys show up with RV’s, dune buggies, motocross bikes, quads, and about any other 4×4 type vehicles.

The brand was created to appeal mainly to motocross fans and embraced a very monochromatic palette of black and white so as to not gravitate to one particular motorcycle manucturer’s market-dominant color such as Honda (red), KTM (orange), Kawasaki (green), or Yamaha (blue).

To get a better idea of the event, check out the promotional video for our recent 2014 event, created by Brandon Setter.