Rough Fire Tee


In the late summer of 2015, one of the year’s largest wildfires in California, the “Rough Fire” consumed almost 160,000 acres of the Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Forest.  Nestled in that region lays Hume Lake and the community of Hume Lake Christian Camps.  Miraculously, the 320 acres of property remained untouched by the fire that lasted over 6 weeks with mandatory evacuations through the region east of Fresno.

During this time, Hume Apparel – the retail clothing line for Hume Lake Christian Camps – decided to capitalize on the national social media frenzy that occurred during this time as #prayforhume went viral across both Instagram and Facebook as thousands of friends and supporters of Hume Lake’s ministry called for prayer for the safety of the property and those fighting the fires.  It was decided that a several t-shirts would be designed and sold online for a limited 2 week period.  All funds were going to go directly into a campership fund to send participating firefighters’ children to one of Hume Lake’s youth summer camps.  The result: $42,000 in retail sales for this campaign.

One of those designs (above) was to take the very familiar Hume Apparel brand logo (The Drip) and pair it with a translucent flame, helping to signify the urgency and threat the Rough Fire had on this ministry.

Created in association with Hume Lake Christian Camps