Somewhere Out There


Design 7 Studio was awarded and recently completed the book cover design project for “Somewhere Out There” by author Janet Van Rensburg. The book deals with depression and a search for hope.

The following is a book synopsis as taken from the back cover:

“Living a seemingly charmed life, the protagonist of the story is in turmoil. Reeling from yet another job loss, the death of her fiancé, and a crushing loneliness, she finds herself confused about her true purpose in life and critical of the choices she has made for almost two decades. She flees one depressing situation for another and encounters hostility and disappointment. Forced to face her fears and some uncomfortable truths, she reinvents herself and embarks on a new journey of truth and discovery.”

The cover’s dark tones with splashes of blues and greens help to convey the depressive state that the protagonist is constantly looking inward towards, all-the-while the hope and optimism she searches for is present but not from her vantage point.