Anyone that knows me knows that I love Star Wars, but one of my all-time favorite movies is “Raiders of The Lost Ark”. I remember going to see that movie with my dad when I was the 6th grade, and it forever changed the way I looked at movie story-telling.


I also love backstory, behind-the-scenes footage and all of the development process that goes into movies like this. That is why I was flipping out when a friend sent me this link to a blog site called Mystery Man of Film (an insider in the industry that likes to dish out intel).


He recently posted this amazing article about a 9-day phone conference in 1978 that occurred between Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Lawrence Kasdan. They discussed from the ground up the vision for the character of Indiana Jones, the story of the film as well as exchanged enough ideas to make a number of movies between the characters. A fantastic article for anyone that is interested in the creative process, the minds of Lucas or Speilberg, or a fan of the film.


The REAL treat however is the link that is provided in the article that links to that actual 126-page written transcript taken from the taping of those phone conferences. How plot points were argued and agreed upon, minor details about moments from the film and it gives great insight into the genius minds of those two film makers.


Check out the article here.