I was perusing Pinterest the other day and came across a logo someone had pinned that I immediately fell in love with.  The simplicity of the design, the gritty texture, and the creative implementation of a design element into the typography all worked to compel me to take a closer look… not only at the design but to seek out the designer behind it.




Low and behold, my search led me to Jared Jacob, a creative designer residing in Salida, Colorado.  What I uncovered was a breadth of work that not only had the same creative approach to all of the work featured, but I found a solid, well-constructed artistry to Jared’s designs.  From his specialty of brewery logos and other branding, to festival posters and package design.  Much of his style comes through in bold mono-width strokes and design elements that weave and flow through his typography and designs.  His work is simple, yet complex and bold.  His solutions are creative in their integration and visual communication, as seen in Grit & Thistle Film Company logo (below).




Be sure to take a moment to cruise over to his website, Sunday Lounge,  to see the rest of amazing work!