When it comes to marketing and advertising, some times it pays to take risks.  It can connect you with the right audience if you know how to position your marketing. It means not worrying about how everyone else (that isn’t your focus group) will react to it.  It means rolling the dice and trusting your gut.

Case in Point:

I have been a customer of the highly popular and highly successful Dollar Shave Club for a few years now.  I get my monthly package of razors or other products in the mail, smile at their quirky sayings and messaging to me in the collateral they send with their shipments, and feel like they do a great job in connecting with me, their primary target consumer.

In honor of their 5th Anniversary as a company,  I received an email marketing piece that really made me stop and consider the risk that they took when they sent it.  Not only was the concept offbeat, but the text copy was brilliant in its disclaimer and warnings about injesting razors.  My first reaction was that some people might find this ad disturbing or be offended.  Particularly for someone who remembers in the 1970’s when some malicious individuals were putting razor blades inside apples and giving them out to children on Halloween.  It caused a national scare and since than, most homemade treats have just been discarded by parents (rightfully so).

So for DSC to create a razor blade cake was not only a creative way of spotlighting their birthday, but the humorous tone in the messaging made the ad even more memorable.  Even their disclaimer further down in the ad poked fun of a disclaimer.

Did they risk possibly getting some backlash for it?  Sure.  But it just goes to show that they really know and understand their customers. For me, I didn’t find it offensive or in bad taste at all.  I saw it with the humorous intentions that they had when their Creative Department created it.

Happy Birthday Dollar Shave Club!  Well done!