I love vintage design.  Finding old antique type treatments or naturally distressed designs from yesteryear.  Most designers will apply the look to their specific style of design work.  It becomes a veneer-finish to the designs.  Seldom do you find a designer whose personal style truly embodies that look throughout most of their portfolio.


This is where Queensland-based graphic designer and illustrator Milan Chagoury of STAY BOLD comes into play.  I’ve been following this young designer on social media for a while now and I love it when I can pick out a designer by just looking at the unique style before I even look at the credits.  It is a fusion of a fine-art painter whose style is so unique and that of a graphic designer who is designing unique visual solutions.



Milan’s style is gritty. It is grungy.  It is dirty.  And I use those terms with high regard.  Most of his work is black/white and has a dark nature about it.  Whether he is designing for the band Amity Affliction or Unite Clothing Company, you can instantly recognize a StayBold creation.


While most designers like to be devoid of a specific design style for the purpose of being super diversified and appeal to different demographics, Milan chooses to be super narrow in his look and this means that if you want a StayBold-like design, you will just have to go directly to the source.


Keep up the fabulous work Milan!