Robot Food is a UK-based food packaging design firm that knows how to balance the fine line between creative and innovative design and the “form and function” that food packaging needs to accomplish to have shelf appeal, yet serve the purpose it has.



I came across one of their latest projects for Vocation Brewery – a set of beautifully designed beer labels that showcase how to create a concise and cohesive brand across a family of products, but each having a very unique character.


The rich a beautiful color palette of the brand, each clearly standing along, is contrasted by a visual flurry of linework around the text… which at first glance seems consistant with each other.  But on close examination, each label’s linework is unique.


To help better explain the intention of Robot Design, here is a quote from Lovely Package.


Branding and packaging agency, Robot Food, created the brand identity and came up with the name ‘Vocation Brewery’ to tell John’s story. Each bold flavour name is embossed on pack in rich colour and surrounded by a series of bespoke monochrome line illustrations, all crafted in-house, that bring the individual tasting notes to life. The combination of angular typography and intricate illustration creates a brand packed with compelling detail and shelf shout, that reflects the craft sensibility and renegade nature of the brand. Vocation was intended to be a brand for people who knew good beer, and Robot Food’s new school execution typifies everything that is powerful about the brewery’s existence. John’s beers aren’t for everyone and he likes it that way.



lovely-package-vocation-brewery-3 lovely-package-vocation-brewery-4 lovely-package-vocation-brewery-5