Leave it to our 44th president, Barrack Obama to appeal even further with the nation and in particular, the Milennial generation. For as soon as he was sworn into office, the White House not only switched the name plaque on the Oval Office, but switched on its all new, redesigned Web site for the White House.


This website rocks!  Not only does it flex a clean look, but it has a really nice, well-organized structure to it.  On it for just a moment and I got sucked into reading about the history of the White House, John Adams, and other particulars about government that I normally would have passed over.


This really helps further communicate why President Obama has the country really relating to him and he to them.  He gets this generation and used new media and a online presence that today’s generation can relate to and want to follow.


I am not sure who was responsible for designing the site, but they did a great job.  And the server is fast.  If you have ever been to a city’s official website, you will encounter a slow, mediocre speed Web site.  I guess it pays to have the CIA’s servers to back your site up, huh?